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Poser 376 - Poll Books and Lists, Old Kirk Parish, Edinburgh, 1694

In this week's poser, taken from the Poll Books and Lists account for Old Kirk Parish, Edinburgh, we asked how many servants were listed and how much tax did they have to pay.

Image of an extract from the Poll Books and Lists: Account for Old Kirk Parish, Edinburgh (National Records of Scotland, E70/4/5 page 54).

Answer: Five individuals are identified as servants: Kathrine Smyth, Hellen Lyell, Alisone Henrysone, Bessie Davsone (or Dawsone), and Nicolas Grey. Only Hellen and Alisone had to pay tax at 10 shillings and 6 shillings respectively.


Margret Montier indweller in Ed[inbur]gh
noe stock
Kathrine Smyth serv[an]t 4 lib termly
Agnes Geedd a litle less noe fee

[in margin] 8 Nov[embe]r p[ai]d
Margret Lawsone relict of Rob[ert] Wilsone 0 : 6 : 0
skinner noe stock
W[ilia]m Noble her son under 16 years
Hellen Lyell ser[van]t 5 lib termly 0 : 10 : 0
Alisone Henrysone ser[van]t less 2 lib termly 0 : 6 : 0

[in margin] pay[e]d in page 72
Robert Youing mer[chan]t maried 2000M
Bessie Davsone ser[van]t 10 lib yearly
Nicolas Grey servant 6 lib yearly

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