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Poser 374 - Muster Roll, Insch 1694

This week’s poser is taken from an army muster roll for Lord Lindsay’s Regiment of Foot (National Records of Scotland, E100/30/94). It gives details of 9 men mustered at Insch in Aberdeenshire in June 1694.

Some lines are affected by interference from elaborate capital letters in lines above and below.

Note the word Cadie (meaning 'cadet') in line 5. The last surname in line 5 is affected by a combination of an ink blot and a tear in the paper. The name is William Marr.

Image of a muster roll for Lord Lindsay's regiment of foot (National Records of Scotland, E100/30/94).

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This week's questions: apart from William Marr, who were the other 8 men mustered at Insch and why were some of them given furloughs (forloffs – line 11)?


For help with reading the poser, use our coaching manual.The following areas may be of particular assistance:

Capital Letters

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