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Poser 356 - Deed from Bailliary Court of Cunninghame, 1698

In this week's poser, taken from a register of deeds from the bailliary court of Cunninghame (RH11/19/8 page 83) we asked you who Thomas Cathcart was and what he had commissioned John Rankin to do.

Image of part of a deed recorded in the bailliary court of Cunninghame, 1698 (National Records of Scotland, RH11/19/8 page 83).


He was the tacksman of the Excise of Ayrshire (that is, he was in charge of collecting excise duties in Ayrshire) and he had commissioned John Rankin in Chapel of Eglinton to take responsibility for the collection (uplift Intromett with & receive) the excise duties due on ale, beer (beir), whisky (acquavite) and that had been brewed (broun), sold (ventit) and retailed (retailit) or would be brewed, sold and retailed in the parish of Beith & Kilwinning between 1 March 1698 (last bypast) to 1 March 1699 (nixt to come).


Att Irvine the Thretty first day of May Jajvjc~nynty Eight years The
Which day in p[rese]nt[is] fores[ai]d Compeared personally moses Crafurd wry[ter] in
Irvine as pro[curato]r spe[ci]allie constitut for the afterdesigned Thomas Cathcart
and gave in the Comission underwri[tti]n to be reg[istra]t q[uhai]rof the haill tenor
follows I thomas Cathcart tacksman of the excise of air shyre
doe hereby give full power warrand and Comission to Jo[h]n Rankin in
Chappell of Eglintoune to uplift Intromett with & receive the excise of
q[uha]tever ale beir acquavite & brandie hes been broun ventit & retailit
or th[a]t shall be broun ventit & retailit within the parish of Beith
& Kilwining in the fores[ai]d parish for the space of ane year viz frae
the first day of March last bypast to the first day of March nixt
to come

This poser was devised by Fodiator, a researcher from West Lothian.

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