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Poser 335 - Mortcloth accounts for North Berwick, 1675-76

This week's poser is an extract from the mortcloth accounts for December 1675 to January 1676 recorded in a kirk session minute book for the parish of North Berwick (National Records of Scotland, CH2/285/4, page 472).

Mortcloths were hired out by the kirk session to the poor of the parish and were used to cover the bodies or coffins of the dead prior to burial. The fee charged for the hire of the mortcloth varied according to the means of the recipient and which mortcloth was hired (kirk sessions typically hired out several mortcloths of various quality and in ranging states of repair). The hiring out of mortcloths provided a substantial income for the kirk session and mortcloth records are often included amongst kirk session minutes or accounts, or heritors' records.

North Berwick kirk session minutes, 1675-76, (National Records of Scotland, CH2/285/4 page 472).

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The week's question: which five people paid six shillings for the hire of the mortcloth?

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