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Poser 332 - Rental of Dunstaffnage (Regality Court of Argyll), 1652

This week's poser asked you to calculate the total amount of the four rents mentioned in a rental of Dunstaffnage for 1652, and give the figure in Latin numerals.

Rental of Dunstaffnage, 1652 (National Records of Scotland, RH11/6/3).

As you can see, the total rent (Sum[m]a Charge Meall) is 68 pounds (Lxviij lib~).


20 November
Compt made in naime of the Marty of
Charge meall
Enterit for dunstaffnitch – xxxij lib~
Enterit for achnacreis – xix lib~
Ballemanach – x lib~
Enterit the personage teynds of the kirk of
kilbride – vij lib~
and the Compter is appointed to uplift the
superplus of the s[ai]d personage teynds q[uhi]lks are frie
atto[u]r the mi[niste]r[is] Stipend
Sum[m]a Charge Meall
Lxviij lib


atto[u]r – line 13 – above, apart from
Charge – lines 4 and 14 – cost, amount
Compt – line 3 – account
Compter – line 11 – person who renders accounts, treasurer
Enterit – lines 6, 7, and 9 – entered, recorded
Marty – line 3 – constable, keeper of a castle, from the Gaelic maor tighe ('keeper of the house')
meall – lines 5 and 14 – rent
personage teynds – lines 9 and 12 - teinds due to a parson
q[uhi]lks – line 12 – which
Stipend – line 13 – minister's salary
superplus – line 12 – excess
Sum[m]a – line 14 – total

This poser was devised by 'Fodiator', a researcher from Fife.

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