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Poser 328 - Dundee Burgh Minute Book, 1852

This week's poser relates to the abolition of the Fish Market in Dundee Burgh and is an extract from the Dundee Burgh Minute Book entry for 1852 (Dundee City Archives, DUN - 1850/1854, page 443). The image is displayed with kind permission of Dundee City Archives.

Although the hand is fairly typical of that of the mid-nineteenth century used by the General Clerk, the hand has some inconsistencies. It also includes some words which appear incomplete as they are continued on to the next line, for example; coun-cil. The F in Fish is very elaborate with a flourish which could also be mistaken for a capital letter T. As usual the clerk does not always cross his ts as in the word, petition, where the first t is not crossed. The cs, as in the word council could also be mistaken for the letter e. The open rs as in the words, praying and property occasionally look more like the minim n. The letter i in some words does not always have the dot above it. It is normal to have notes scrawled in the margin denoting the topic, (for example; Abolition of Fish Market), although it is hard to make out the initials of who completed this.

Extract from the Dundee Burgh Minute Book from 1852, Volume 26, September 1850 to May 1854 (Dundee City Archives Reference, DUN - 1850/1854 page 443).

This week's question: why did the Council want to abolish the Fish Market?


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