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Poser 327 - Dundee Burgh Minute Book, 1779

This week's poser relates to the Council's choosing of Constables for the year 1779 and is an extract from the Dundee Minute Book for this year (Dundee City Archive, DUN -Nov1767/1779). The image is displayed with kind permission of Dundee City Archives.

This is fairly typical in parts of a late eighteenth century hand as seen on the Scottish Handwriting website though not for all letters. The letter f definitely is typical. Occasionally a letter in a word is incomplete due to errors in the graphology. For example, the letter v in the word voting is incomplete. The minims such as m are sometimes incomplete. The letters t in the word Overgate and in the last Constables are not crossed as they should be. The continuations between the letter rs and ms are sometimes not clear.

Extract from the Dundee Burgh Minute Book from 1779 (Dundee City Archives Reference, DUN -Nov1767/1779. Image displayed with kind permission by Dundee City Archives).

This week's question : what were the names and occupations of the chosen Constables?

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