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Poser 315 – Decreets of the Privy Council, 1680

This week's poser is taken from the decreets of the Privy Council (Privy Council decreet, National Records of Scotland, PC2/20 page 501), which was the body of advisers appointed by the sovereign to carry on everyday government in Scotland in the early modern period. Many Privy Council decreets concern the disposal of cases where a subject of the king had been imprisoned on remand, usually in the tolbooth of one of the royal burghs. This case dates from 1680, the reign of Charles II.

The writing is quite neat and if you know your secretary hand versions of the letters r, k, e and c, you should find it straightforward.

Privy Council decreet, 1680 (National Records of Scotland, PC2/20 page 501)

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This week's question is: In this case, who was the prisoner in the Edinburgh Cannongate tolbooth and what were the terms of his release?

For help with reading the poser, use our coaching manual. The following areas may be of particular assistance.

Letter r
Letter k
Letter e
Letter c

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