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Poser 314 - Marriages for Rutherglen, 1675

This week's poser is taken from a register of proclamations within a volume of Kirk session minutes for the parish of Rutherglen and dates to 1675 (National Records of Scotland, CH2/315/1, p141).

The hand contains many secretary hand letters (note the a with its full diagonal 'attacking' stroke and r (a descending r) which is formed by three descending diagonal strokes of the pen) and note how descending letters cause interference in lines below, making some words difficult to read.

The clerk is a little messy with his pen and some smudging of the ink may also slow your reading down.

 Extract from Rutherglen Kirk Session minute book (National Records of Scotland reference CH2/315/1 page 141)

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This week's question is: two of the women getting married are not from Rutherglen, what are their names and where are they from?

For help with reading the poser, use our coaching manual. The following areas may be of particular assistance.

Letter a
Letter l
Letter r
Letters u, v & w
Letter thorn
Capitals letters
Ligature Letters
Superscript marks

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