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Poser 303 - Account for fireworks, 1566

This week's poser is taken from an account for fireworks used to celebrate the baptism of James VI at Stirling Castle in December 1566 (National Records of Scotland, E23/3/45 page 1).

Watch out for elaborate ascending or descending strokes after letters n, m or u which curl back to interfere with the rest of the word. This was a device used to indicate that one or more letters had been omitted, for example in the last word of line 1 (gu[n]nar) the curl after the letter u indicates that an n has been omitted.

Account for fireworks, 1566 (National Records of Scotland, E23/3/45, page 1)

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This week's question: which laird had received the precept of the Q[uenes] ma[ies]teis (line 3) and what were the names of the two gunners who carried out the work?

For help with reading the poser, use our coaching manual. The following areas may be of particular assistance.

Letter u
Letters n and m
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