Online Tuition in the Palaeography of Scottish Documents

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Letter l

The letter l, is not much different to today's form of l.

letter l

What can sometimes be deceiving is that the ascender may have a large loop to the right which can make it look like a b and othertimes the foot of the l is quite long and straight and can make the letter look like a capital L.

two examples of the letter l with a long, flat foot

Double l in the middle or at the end of a word can be easily confused with one form of w, which is very curly in formation. Two examples below show the word bolles (a measure of grain) and awin (meaning owing).

the word bolles and double l extracted from that word

the word awin and curly w extracted from that word

The example below is of the word Fallowes, which shows both double l and the curly w.

the word Fallowes showing double l and curly w