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Background Information

In this fourth case from the minute book of Glasgow Burgh Justice of the Peace Court, about 90% has been left to you to transcribe in the test.

The following Scots words appear:

Scots English
In swa fare in so far
assoilzied, assoilzies acquitted, acquits
fra from

Reproduced with permission of Glasgow City Council, Mitchell Library (Glasgow City Archives reference B3/2).

Take the Test

The document has been divided into 3 sections. Read the section shown in the image and transcribe the word you think is missing from the text below by typing in the appropriate blank space. The text will be red as you type and will turn black when you have transcribed the word correctly.

If you would prefer to complete the tutorial on paper go to Print The Test.

1. The said day also Vpon
2. and
3. Harvie
4. In vpon
6. enterrit and ther

Transcription of lines 1-7

7. avowed In swa
8. fare as his sone
9. Fourscoir alledgit
10. Provyding
11. witchrie
12. beirs

Transcription of lines 7-12

13. Who
15. Who
16. assoilzied and hereby assoilzies the s[ai]d James fra the fors[ai]d
17. bill .

Transcription of lines 13-17

Read the full transcription