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Background Information

In this third case from the minute book of Glasgow Burgh Justice of the Peace Court, the standard phrases of the court have been left blank in the test. If you need to remind yourself of these go back to the earlier examples.

The following Scots words appear:

Scots English
malisoneing cursing
sabinth sabbath
binsch bench

Image reproduced with permission of Glasgow City Council, Mitchell Library (Mitchell Library reference B3/2).

Take the Test

The document has been divided into 3 sections. Read the section shown in the image and transcribe the word you think is missing from the text below by typing in the appropriate blank space. The text will be red as you type and will turn black when you have transcribed the word correctly.

If you would prefer to complete the tutorial on paper go to Print The Test.

1. And in lyke manner the said day Vpon ane other
2. Androw Biggart tailyour Against the s[ai]d Margaret
3. Huidis whair the said Margaret scandelized
4. the said Androw By craying and railling against the s[aid] Androw
5. declairing that the s[ai]d Androw whoured and keiped her husband and
6. the fors[ai]d Agnes Wilsone togither in his house drinking Goeing
7. doune the said Androw his stair curseing abnd malisoneing him

Transcription of lines 1-7

8. and his familie both vpon saturday last being the seavintine day
9. of the fors[ai]d moneth of march vnder cloud of night and vpon
10. the sabuith day immediatlie therafter and wishit the curse of
11. god to light vpon the s[ai]d Androw, his spous and all her genera[tio]une
12. and that ther was non of Gavine Wilsones familie bot them that was
13. theifs as the bill beirs
14. and the s[ai]d persewar

Transcription of lines 8-14

15. proba[tio]une Who
16. witness[es]
17. sufficientlie And therfor Ordained the def[end]er
18. to stand vp vpon the binsch and to say false tongue shoe lied
19. Q[uhi]lk shoe refuisit to doe and &
20. therafter quatt the
21. fyne and remittit her to the church sensour

Transcription of lines 15-21

Read the full transcription