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Background Information
In this second case from the minute book of Glasgow Burgh Justice of the Peace Court, the same fairly neat hand continues with good line spacing, but, again, some care is required, especially with regard to the letter w and also to descending letters.

The writer uses at least two types of w. One is the common Secretary Hand type and can be seen in the word weaver in line 2. The second is a curly w and can be seen in the word persewar in line 5. This second type of w- the curly form - is easily confused with the double-l, such as that used in the word bill in line 1.

In the test, most of the standard phrases of the court and all of the abbreviated words have been transcribed for you, but there is more to do than in the last test.

Reproduced with permission of Glasgow City Council, Mitchell Library (Mitchell Library reference B3/2).

Take the Test

The document has been divided into 2 sections. Read the section shown in the image and transcribe the word you think is missing from the text below by typing in the appropriate blank space. The text will be red as you type and will turn black when you have transcribed the word correctly.

If you would prefer to complete the tutorial on paper go to Print The Test.

1. The Vpone ane other bill of complent s[ai]d
2. pro[curato]r fiscall for his entres Vpon Agnes
3. Watsone of Cathcart
4. Makeing mentione That whair the s[ai]d defe[nde]r hade
5. said persewar for his entres
6. Mareon Syme
7. yett as the bill beirs Compearit the defe[nde]r and denyit the bill And

Transcription of lines 1-7

8. admittit the samyne to the persewars proba[tio]une
9. Who for proveing therof adducit divers famous witness[es] sworne admittit
10. & examined
11. Ordained the defe[nde]r to and then
12. the persewar for his entres q[uhi]lk shoe did
13. and to remaine in waird therafter quatt at the
14. desyre of the s[ai]d

Transcription of lines 8-14

Read the full transcription